Some says that it's the Journey that matters, and while it is certainly very much rewarding seeing the Art develops during your Diamond Painting sessions, learning these simple Tips and Tricks to remove the tediousness and leave only the Fun would undoubtedly make your Sparkling Journey more Enjoyable and smooth.

So, Let's jump right in!


01. Preparation is Key!

Set up a Dedicated Space or Workstation for your Diamond Painting Hobby if possible!.

This ensures that you will always know where your Tools, Diamonds and various crafting equipments are kept. By staying Organized you reduce the time wasted running around getting set up - Precious time that could be enjoyed working on your Art!.

Consider putting your Hair up in a Ponytail and out of the way. You would be surprised how much time it takes fussing about with Hair!. Plus, this will also reduce the risk of getting your Hair getting stuck into the Adhesive.

Roll up your Sleeves while you are at it!.

Set up your Favorite relaxing Music or maybe starting or continuing your Audiobook. And yes, this step is Crucial!.

Keep your Diamonds Beads organized by Numerical DMC Order.

02. Keep it Close!

A good General Practice is to keep your hands and Diamonds Tray as close to the area you are working on as possible. If your Tray is too far from the workable section, it may be quite tedious to pick up and apply your Diamonds. It could also be Harder and more Tiring to your arms and wrist during a long session.

Just keep everything in your palm's range and maybe use Parchment Paper to help cover and protect the Canvas as well as stay clear of the Adhesive.

03. The Multi-Trays setup!

Set up a large enough container to hold multiple Trays to have multiple Colors and DMCs at your Arm's Reach at once! Make sure that your Trays are all correctly Labelled with the Diamond Colors so as not to get confused!

And while we are talking about Multi-things, Use your Multi-placer ( Wide Pen Tip ) to see if it helps wide working on an area containing a single color. 

Each of our Kits comes with some Basic tools and you should accumulate them over time and with a number of finished Paintings. However, to speed things up, check out our 40 pieces tool kits here.

04. Fast is Fast, but Slow might actually be Faster!

Remember that we are dealing with hundreds, maybe thousands of Small Diamond Beads placed on an Adhesive Canvas here! It would be a nightmare to have to pick them up one-by-one with a twezzer wouldn't it ?

Make sure that you have picked the Correct Diamond Beads and identified the Correct Symbols ans Spots to place them before you start. And, when you are 100% Sure, Check again!

05. Step by Step, Section by Section!

It is easy to fall into the Trap of thinking that working on one small section at a time forces you to switch Diamond Colors too frequently thereby taking up lots of your Time. Another Trap is trying to work on One color at a time until you are finish with it.

Truth is, you should only work on a Small Section of the Canvas, with a size that is appropriate to how much time and energy you have to ensure that you can, and will, finish the section before calling it a day.

For each Section, pick One color and fill all possible spots before moving on to the Next. This will help you get the most time enjoying the activity instead of trying to find the correct Color.

The Benefits of this is quite obvious:

  • First, you will protect the Adhesive Layer of the Canvas, since removing the Adhesive Cover when you are unable to finish the Artwork in one go will Dry the Adhesive Layer and may potentially ruin the whole Art Piece.
  • Second, it will be much more rewarding and fulfilling to witness your Work come to life, section by section.
  • Lastly, this is the most efficient way of working on your Diamond Painting Art.


06. Use a Light Pad!

We get it, most of us are going to work on our Projects during free time, and guest when might that be ? That's right, it will most likely in the afternoon and night. Since the Symbols are quite Small, simple lights in your Room might not be Bright enough thus making the process potentially hard and tedious.

A Light Pad will solve that problem!

See the symbols on your canvas with perfect clarity to ensure your diamonds are perfectly aligned and ease the Burden on your Eyes.

You can check out our Light pad here or with your Local Stores.

It is important to remember that Diamond Pinting, like all other Art Forms, is a Process! You are placing thousands of tiny Diamond Beads onto thousands of little, delegated Spots. This craft takes patience, persistence, and, above all else, It is not a race!

Enjoy the relaxing nature of Painting and the many health benefits that come along with it. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team at Support@legendarydiy.com

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